Helly Hansen Hi-Vis

Helly Hansen clothing will provide you with the highest quality hi-vis garments including jackets, trousers and much more. The clothing items are made with long-lasting and highly reflective materials.

Helly Hansen hi-vis reflective wear comes in different sizes, varying from extra-small (XS) to 3 extra-large (XXXL) ensuring that all of their clothing items will be suitable for everybody. As well, they come in a range of different colours including orange, yellow, red and many more reflective colours. Due to its reflective colours, you are sure to be seen in the bad weather conditions and in the dark ensuring your and other people around you safety – Helly Hansen hi-vis clothing protects you and your colleagues with every step.

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Helly Hansen Hi-Vis Clothing Items:

Helly Hansen hi-vis clothing includes:

  • Pants/ Trousers
  • Jackets
  • T-Shirts
  • Construction pants
  • Construction vest
  • Coats
  • Suits
  • Shorts

Why Helly Hansen Hi-Vis?

Many people wonder as to why they should purchase Helly Hansen hi-vis over any other brands hi-visibility clothing. There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons being the high-quality material which is used in the Helly Hansen clothing. Not only will this material keep you warm due to its insulation but protect you from any obstructions or harsh chemicals or substances that may occur whilst you are at work.

Another reason as to why you should choose Helly Hansen hi-vis is due to it being available in many different reflective colours. This enables you to choose which colour is best suited to your working environment and those working on your site. The variety of colours allows you to ensure that all members on the site will be able to be seen no matter how dark it is or what the weather conditions are like.

Buy Helly Hansen Hi-Vis

We advise you to purchase Helly Hansen hi-vis workwear as it is long lasting, insulated and offers protection whilst you are at work.